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Dongguang Weibo Carton Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd which transacts the comprehensive business ranging from machines' manufacture to export. Our main products are full automatic and semiauto stitching machine, printing slotting die cutting machine , folder gluer machine , flute laminating machine and other corrugated carton machinery.

    1. Automatic Stitching Machine

      The automatic stitching machine is controlled using a computer, allowing the size to be adjusted within three to five minutes, according to customer operations. It is an easy and effective solution for reducing manual labor efforts, and is widely used in carton manufacturing.

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    1. Twin Head Stitcher
    1. Folder Gluing Machine (Fully Automatic)

      The AFG fully automatic gluing and folding machine features a consistent vacuum adsorption feeding device, gluing, folding, stacking and counting parts. The folder gluing machine uses a frequency to change the speed, and is controlled using a standard PLC touch screen. It is easy to operate and reliable.

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    1. Rotary Die Cutter (Fully Automatic)

      This machine consists of leading edge rotary die cutting machine, a double vibration stripping machine, and a complete cutaway, as well as creasing, grooving, stripping, and stacking components.

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    1. High Speed Slotting Die Cutting Machine
    1. Partition Inserting Machine

      As a professional carton machinery manufacturer, we supply automatic machines for a variety of carton inserts, including lattice partitions, knife cards, parry, strips, plaid, and automated spliced spacers that can be inserted in grids, which improves the efficiency of the machine and reduces labor costs.

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    1. Fully Automatic Honeycomb Cardboard Production Line

      The fully automatic honeycomb cardboard production line has a low process loss, and will give the products a honeycomb grain up to 99%, making it a high tech device. Its design is a technological breakthrough that allows it to work in a more efficient manner, makes the most use out of the material, and the costs for operation are significantly lower.

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    1. Corrugated Paper Production LineWeibo is proud to supply top quality corrugated production lines that meet a variety of customer demands. We manufacture 3, 5 and 7 layer corrugated paper board at a maximum range of 82 x 4.5 x 4.5mm.

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